DEFRA Animal Health and Welfare Review Launched

We have performed one successful trial visit for a farmer as part of the pilot scheme and have now received notification that the AHWR is finally open to all eligible farmers. This a funded annual farm visit, and initially only BPS (Basic Payment Scheme) eligible farmers will be able to register. To be eligible for a review a farm must have one of the following: 11 or more beef or dairy cattle, 21 or more sheep, and/or 51 or more pigs.

This will not replace your annual red tractor review, but can be used in addition to focus on any particular areas you would like to improve by funding vet visits, time and testing. At the moment this involves testing for BVD in cattle and faecal egg counts in sheep. This is a chance for you to have a vet out to talk/look at anything you are concerned about or would like to improve on and the cost is covered!

For those of you who are Red Tractor Assured this funding provides the perfect opportunity to meet the new requirements relating to BVD testing which were released in October 2022.

If interested famers need to head to

where you will find further information and be able to apply to the scheme.

Please speak to one of us before registering to maximise timings as the review must be done within 6 months of registering.

Any questions please get in touch with the office/any of the vets